Planning your needs as a
business owner.

For Convenience and seamless
planning, consider
JAGDIRECT for both
your business and personal financial

Retirement Planning
  • Qualified and non-qualified plans

  • Traditional Individual Retirement
    Accounts (IRA's) offer possible tax-
    deductible contributions and tax
    deferred earnings for retirement.

  • Roth IRA's offer tax-deferred
    earnings and tax free qualified

  • Rollovers from employer
    retirement plans to IRA's.

  • Fixed or variable annuities are
    additional tax deferred retirement
    plans that offer a payout option
    that can guarantee income for life.

  • Variable annuities and mutual
    funds that offer a wide range of
    investment options from
    respected fund companies.
Estate Planning
  • Protects what you have spent a
    lifetime building.

  • Develops a plan that distributes
    the assets you have, to the people
    you want, when you want.

Life Insurance
  • Protects the financial security of
    your loved ones after you die.

  • May also provide supplemental
    income for retirement.

  • Provides funding for certain types
    of buy/sell agreements.

  • Provides for estate liquidity

Long Term care Insurance
  • Helps to protect your assets form
    escalating nursing home or in-
    home care cost.

  • Checking, Savings, CDs, etc.

  • Lending

  • Trust Services

Persona Financial Consulting
  • General consulting on your
    individual financial needs
    including savings, retirement and
    family life protection.

  • Focused consulting on such
    topics as estate planning and
    buy/sell planning.

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How can JAGDIRECT help your business?
Planning the needs of
your business.

JAGDIRECT offers several services
and products that can be used in a
variety of different ways to protect
the future of your business.

Business Continuation Planning and
  • Buy/Sell Strategies

    -Enables you to control the destiny
    of your business.

    -Helps solve several potential
    estate planning problems.

    -Provides a ready market for a
    potentially difficult asset to sell.

    -Provides a stable continuation of
    the business by preventing
    unnecessary disagreements
    caused by new, unwanted owners.

  • Family Business Transfers

    -Helps tax-efficient transfers of
    business ownership.

    -Addresses whether control is
    maintained or passed during
Education Funding
  • Help prepare for the rising cost of
    college by starting a tax-
    advantaged savings plan early.

  • Plans include 529 College
    Savings Plans and Coverdell
    Education Savings Accounts
    (formerly Education IRA's).

Key Person Coverage
  • Offsets losses you may incur form
    reduced sales and company

  • Helps you hire and train a suitable

  • Compensates you for losses due
    to financial instability and
    damaged company credit.

Commercial Coverage
  • Automobiles Insurance for your
    business vehicles.

  • General Liability Insurance to
    protect your building, its contents
    and equipment.

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JAGDIRECT can offer your business more
than you might think.
How can JAGDIRECT help your employees?
Planning the needs of
your employees.

Attract and keep the best
employees in your industry by
offering them attractive benefits
at a price that's affordable for
you and them.

Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Employees are generally not taxed
    on contributions or investment
    earnings until the money is
    withdrawn in retirement.

  • Growth is accelerated because
    earnings aren't being taxed

  • Company contributions to a
    qualified plan are a tax-deductible
    business expense, which means
    your business gets an immediate
    tax break.

  • Plan assets are protected from
    business creditors.

Non-qualified Retirement Plans
  • Provides additional benefits
    targeted to key employees  
    (including yourself) over and
    above what any qualified plan

  • Allows design flexibility for
    maximum employee

  • Distributions are not subject to the
    restrictions and requirements that
    apply to qualified plans.

Education Funding
  • Payroll direct program with no cost
    to the company and virtually no

  • Helps employees consistently
    save money for college.

  • Distributions for qualified
    education expenses are currently
    income tax free.
Disability Income Insurance
  • Benefits paid to employees if they
    are unable to work due to an
    illness or injury.

Accident Insurance
  • Benefits paid to employees if they
    become injured as the result of an
    accident.  Benefits may be used to
    pay doctor, hospital and
    ambulance bills, and cover living
    expenses while the employee
    recovers from the accident.

Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Helps meet out-of-pocket costs
    that aren't covered by primary
    health insurance plan.

Cancer/Specified Disease Insurance
  • Benefits can cover lost income,
    childcare expenses, special diets
    and lodging away from home and
    other expenses not covered by
    primary health insurance plans.

Personal Financial Consulting
  • General consulting on your
    individual financial needs
    including savings, retirement and
    family life protection.

  • Focused consulting on topics
    such as estate planning.

Life Insurance
  • helps protect the financial security
    of your employees' families.

Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Helps protect the employees'
    assets from the rising cost of
    nursing home and home health
    care needs not generally covered
    by health insurance, Medicare or

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"Protecting You and Your
d ones is our business"
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How can JAGDIRECT help you?

We offer a wide array of life
insurance products that can
protect your business from
the death of an owner or a
key employee.  We can
work with you to help
assure that your business
remains financially secure
and that a smooth transition
of control and ownership
takes place.

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All these services are
available to you and your
business employees.  With
the one of the Nation's  
Leading Insurance
Company we're able to
provide you the best
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Accident Insurance
With Expanded Benefits

On- or off- the job including a
disability income plus an
optional rider.

An accident can wreak havoc on
your savings if you're not
prepared.  That's why there's
accident insurance.  It gives you
a cushion to
help cover medical
and living cost when
you get hurt unexpectedly.

On average there are 11
unintentional-injury deaths and
about 2,330 disabling injuries
every hour during the course of a

Accident insurance can pay you
a lump sum benefit for
on-or off-
the-job accidental injuries
, plus
medical benefits.  
Because accident insurance is
supplemental, it works in addition
to other insurance you may have.  
You can use the policy on its own
or to fill a gap left by your other

  • Benefits paid directly to you
    unless assigned
  • Benefits paid regardless of the
  • Coverage for you, or you and
    your family
  • Guaranteed renewable to age
    70, subject to change in
    premiums by class

Would your finances survive an
accidental injury?

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DIRECT can do for your business,
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*  Injury Facts, National Safety Council, 2003.