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Your Life

Your life is constantly changing.  And your personal responsibilities have also changed with time...

As a child, you were dependent on adults.  You needed their emotional and financial support
throughout your childhood.  As you grew, your family provided you with a home, food, clothing an

Then, as an adult, you became more independent and your responsibilities increased
dramatically.  You may have purchased a car or a home.  You may have fallen in love and married.  
You may be providing love and financial support to children or aging family members.  And as and
adult with these new responsibilities, you now have loved ones who depend on you.  

Your Loved Ones

With loved ones dependent on you, you want to protect them.  You want them to be safe - with a
home and a financially secure future.  But if you die prematurely, the loss suffered by them will be
more than emotional - it will be financial as well.  You will no longer be around to help them reach
their goals and dreams.

Suppose you die prematurely...

With out your income, could your family afford the mortgage payments on your home?

Would your children be able to continue their education?

With out your help at home, could your family afford child care and home care costs?  Could they
also afford the cost of food, clothing, and other basic necessities?

Could your family continue their current standard of living without your financial support?

But suppose you live beyond your working years...

You could live well past the end of your career, and diminish your retirement savings.  Have you
planned enough for a comfortable retirement?

When you die, will your family have enough income for the funeral cost?  Medical bills?  Or Estate

Securing Your Family's Future and Dreams

You may be thinking "It could never happen to me"

But statistics show that it could...

We ensure our homes against a total loss by fire, which is only a chance of 1 in 100.  Yet, the
chance of loss due to death before paying off a mortgage is much greater!

                                   Chance of Death                        Chance of Death
 Age                    Within 15 Yeas                          Within 30 Years

                20                                        1 in 35                                                        1 in 10
                25                                        1 in 29                                                        1 in   8
                30                                        1 in 22                                                        1 in   5
                35                                        1 in 15                                                        1 in   4
                40                                        1 in 10                                                        1 in   3
                45                                        1 in   7                                                        1 in    2
                50                                        1 in   4                                                        2 in    3  
  Source:  1980 Commissioners Standard Ordinary Mortality and Disability Tables      

So, take time now to review and protect your current responsibilities, and plan for your future.  Your
JAGDIRECT agent can help you review your current insurance needs and recommend a life policy
or an annuity to help financially protect your family's future.

Plan for the Future Today

You have many goals and dreams for the years ahead.  Perhaps you desire a home for your
family, a business to continue, a comfortable retirement, or higher education for your children.  
You will at least want to maintain your current financial income and your family's standard of living...

But without proper planning, your dreams and goals may not be possible.

For every 100 people starting their careers, the following situation exists at age 65...

Source of Income for retirees (based on 2001 data)  Social Security Administration, Income of the Aged Chartbook:

We offer a wide array of life
insurance products that can
protect your business from
the death of an owner or a
key employee.  We can work
with you to help assure that
your business remains
financially secure and that a
smooth transition of control
and ownership takes place.

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Of the following financial
priorities, check the ones
that are important to you...

___Mortgage and Loans
Loan's and mortgages are
important responsibilities.  
But who will contribute to
your loan and / or
mortgage payments when
you die?  A life insurance
policy will help your loved
ones pay remaining debts
such as:  mortgages, car
loans, student loans, etc.

Spouse or Other
Loved Ones
With the constant rise in
the cost of living, our daily
activities are becoming
more expensive every year.
 If you should die
unexpectedly, make sure
that your loved ones can
continue their standard of

Child Care Costs
While children are a great
blessings, it's also true
they can be an expensive
one.  Food, clothing, and
other basic necessities
add up.  Without your
income, could your family
afford these items and
child care expenses?

Children's Education
If your children are
interested in continuing
their education, you can
help ensure that funds are
available to help them
reach their dreams.  A life
insurance policy can help
them continue their
education through college
or trade school.

Aging Family Members
More and more adults are
becoming primary
caregivers to elderly
relatives.  With life
insurance, you would still
help provide support to
your aging family members
if you should die

A comfortable retirement
requires planning.  As you
look ahead, make sure that
your money is working and
growing for you.  An annuity
or a Universal Life policy
can help.

Final Expenses
A life insurance policy
provides a death benefit
that can help pay for final
expenses.  Your family
need not be burdened with
the cost of funeral
expenses and additional
medical bills that a death
may incur.
Protect Your Loved Ones

JAGDIRECT Life Insurance Plans can help protect the dreams and future of your loved ones.  Life
Insurance helps provide the necessary financial support to your loved ones which can be used to
help pay off the mortgage, arrange for the final expenses, provide for a child's education, or secure
your loved one's standard of living.  JAGDIRECT understands that everybody has different
responsibilities, so we've developed a variety of life insurance products to help you meet your
individual needs:

Permanent Life Insurance

Universal Life and Whole Life insurance provide permanent protection for your family.  These
products also help you meet your current financial goals by providing income-tax deferred cash
value savings.  After a sufficient amount of cash value is built-up, money may be borrowed (at a
specific interest rate)  from you policy to use for other things such a new home, education,
emergencies, or supplemental retirement income.

Universal Life also has many flexible payment features and benefits that reflect your changing
financial needs.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides you with affordable life insurance protection for limited, specified
period of time.  Term products may be appropriate for young families with children or for a small
business ventures.  A term life insurance product provides a death benefit that can help cover the
remaining cost of your mortgage or other long-term debts if you should die prematurely.


Annuities may help you achieve your retirement saving goals by earning income tax-deferred
interest.  These savings can help ensure a relaxing and comfortable retirement.

Customize Your Policy

You can customize your life insurance policy to meet your individual needs with optional riders.  
Rider option vary with each product.

With a Universal Life policy, you receive permanent protection and can choose a rider with
additional protection for a temporary period of time while the policy is in force.

You may also choose a rider to waive your monthly charges or premium payments if you become
totally disabled.  There is also a rider that will increase the amount of your death benefit if you die
by accident.

Protection for Your Family

You may not be the only one who needs protection - consider the other people in your life.  With
out their financial support, could you continue your standard of living?

If you have a spouse, you may wish to consider a policy that offers joint coverage or an additional
term rider.  These features may allow a lower premium for the coverage of two people.

You may also choose a rider that will provide coverage for your children which gives them the
option to later convert the policy to permanent coverage.

Don't wait to Protect Your Loved Ones

Your family depends on you to protect their future.  And you have an enormous responsibility to do
just that.  So, don't put if off another day.  Show them how much you care about them - protecting
them with life insurance.  
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