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your business remains
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smooth transition of control
and ownership takes place.

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Homeowners Insurance Coverage
A flexible and affordable way to help protect your home and your
financial security.

Ask Yourself...

How much is it all worth?
Take some time to estimate
how much your clothes,
furniture, and electronic
equipment are worth.  You'll
want to be covered for at least
that amount...or the amount
you think it will take to replace
all of those items.

How much am I willing to pay
before my insurance kicks in?

 Your JAGDIRECT renter's
policy comes with a deductible
- the amount you pay before  
insurance takes over.  For
instance, if there's a fire in your
apartment and $1,000 worth of
valuables are destroyed and
you have a $250 deductible,
you will pay $250, and your
insurance will pay the rest, up
to policy limits, if those items
are covered in your policy.  
Keep in mind that a lower
deductible generally means a
higher monthly premium.

Do I have any special items
that will need a "rider?"
(an addition to your policy that
will cover just those items).  
These include things such as
valuables jewelry, silverware,
and stamp or coin collections.

Do I have anything that will
qualify me for a discount?
This may include a protective
device - such as a burglar
alarm, smoke alarm, fire
extinguishers, or deadbolt
locks.  Ask your JAGDIRECT
agent for information on
discounts available in your
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Protect your family, home & property.

For most people, buying a house means you've made it.  After all, it takes a lot of hard work to
get there.  At JAGDIRECT, we can help you
protect what you've worked hard for - your home
and family.

An agent who cares about you.  A company that responds
to you.

If you've already chosen a JAGDIRECT agent to work with you.  You now know you have
someone who understands your
homeowners insurance needs and who will be there form
the beginning till the end, always ready to help.

JAGDIRECT  is affiliated with companies who have a long history of helping customers through
tough times.  Let's say for example, a
fire damages your house.  As a result, you have
additional living expenses while repairs are completed.  Those expenses would come out of
your pocket - but your JAGDIRECT
homeowners insurance pays covered expenses for you, up
to policy limits.  Even more, your JAGDIRECT agent will help you make the
claim process as
quick and easy as possible.

What JAGDIRECT can do for you.

We offer different coverage options to help you get the protection you need.  Check out the
coverage descriptions below to learn more.

Dwelling:  pays for damage to your insured home due to a covered loss, like lightning or fire.

Contents Coverage:  provides protection for covered loss to your movable property, like a
stereo, bicycle, furniture or clothing.

Additional Living Expenses:  if a covered loss makes your home (or part of your home)
uninhabitable, this coverage helps you pay the reasonable increase in living expenses
necessary to maintain your normal standard of living.

Family Liability:  if someone is accidentally injured or their property is damaged in a covered
incident, this coverage provides protection for damages that you are legally obligated to pay.  
This protection does not cover auto liability claims.

Buy what you need - No more, no less.

JAGDIRECT homeowners insurance can cover the basics.  But maybe you have some special
needs - more
liability coverage for you family or extra protection for your wedding ring.  That's
optional coverages can be helpful.  You get to decide what's right for you, what you need
protect your family and your home.  Take a minute to look at some examples of optional
coverage listed below.

Optional Endorsements:  include coverage for a variety of specific needs.

  • Jewelry

  • Sports equipment

  • Business property

You can get a list of available endorsements from your agent. click here for more information
Renters Insurance Coverage
JAGDIRECT can help you protect so much for so little.
You've worked hard.
Protect your rental/rented home or property.

You should be proud of what you earned - especially the possessions that make your house a
home.  With JAGDIRECT
renters insurance, we can help you protect those hard-earned
possessions.  And that's important.  Because, for most people, those personal items can add

You can get the coverage and quality you deserve.

Do you know how much your possessions are worth?  JAGDIRECT tries to take the
guesswork out of
buying renters' insurance.  Once you know the basics, it's easier to
understand your coverage needs and for you to make a selection.  And remember, your local
JAGDIRECT agent can always help you get the answers you need.

Three important things to understand area:

  • What does your policy cover?

  • What doesn't your policy cover?

  • What are some options you can
choose form to make your policy
better fit your needs?

What your policy covers.

While coverages may vary by state and individual qualifications, here's what a typical
JAGDIRECT renters' policy  can help you cover:

Your property:  For covered losses, this protects your personal property if it's destroyed or
damaged by the following:  
Fire, lightning, falling objects, smoke, explosion, wind and hail,
water damage form plumbing, steam or water hating systems, and vandalism/riots.

Theft:  Your personal property is also protected against loss form theft, including:  theft on
(in you home), theft off premises (away from you home), stolen or forged checks,
stolen credit cards/counterfeit money.

Family liability and guest medical expenses:  This protects you for covered losses if you're held
legally responsible for damage to someone else's property, or if a guest is accidentally injured
in your home.

Your living expenses:  If your rental home or apartment is damaged and you are unable to live
in it, JAGDIRECT will help with arranging your insurance company for paying additional living
expenses incurred due to a covered loss, until your place is habitable, up to the amount of time
specified in your policy.  
(all the above are subject to policy terms, limitations, exclusions and conditions.)

What your policy doesn't cover.

We want to help make sure you have no surprises.  So, here's an example of something that's
not covered on your policy.  But be sure to talk to your agent, because for an extra premium, you
may be able to purchase additional coverage if needed.

Damage from flood:  Most insurance policies do not cover damage from floods.  However,
JAGDIRECT does offer a separate insurance policy especially for flood damage.  If you're
located in an area that's part of the National Flood Insurance Program, be sure to contact your
JAGDIRECT agent to discuss purchasing a flood insurance policy.

Tailor your policy to fit your needs.

While you typically can't pick and choose all of the coverages in your policy, there are some
options you might want to choose to make your policy better fit your needs.

Personal Property Reimbursement:  For an additional premium, you may be able to purchase
Personal Property Reimbursement.  This means that for a covered loss, if your personal
property is destroyed or lost, we will reimburse you the depreciation that may have been applied
to your personal property loss when you decide to repair or replace the damaged or lost
personal property.  (Subject to policy terms and conditions.)

Cover your special items:  If you have special things you'd like more coverage for, you might
want to consider a "rider", which for an extra premium, is an addition to your policy that will help
cover specified pieces of personal property.  Talk to your agent about this coverage options.

Questions?  We're always here to help.

Is there something you've not sure about?  Just ask.  Your JAGDIRECT agent can explain your
policy and coverage in detail.  Also, he or she can tell you more about specific coverage and
discounts that are available in your state.
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Speaking of

Most people have heard of
these common insurance
words.  But here's a helpful
refresher course on what they

Covered Peril
an event causing damage to
your home or property that is
covered by your insurance.  
Fire, lightning, and wind and
hail damage are some
examples of covered perils.

the amount of repair or
replacement costs that you're
responsible for paying before
your insurance pays.

changes the language of your
policy.  It may add to or restrict
your current coverages, limits
or policy terms.

Family Liability
if someone is accidentally
injured or their property
damaged in a covered incident,
this coverage provides
protection for damages that
you are legally obligated to pay.

the maximum amount that may
be paid by your insurance
company for a covered loss.

another name for your
insurance contract.  Your policy
includes your policy jacket,
declarations page, and
applicable endorsements.

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Note:  Your insurance coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, limits and
exclusions set forth in your policy.  Insurance is available only form select
companies and subject to qualifications.  Discounts are subject to availability and
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